Our Bake Stand
Since 1986, when our bakery began, we have awoken long before dawn, loaded the vans and left our farm for the big city of Des Moines.

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For these many years we have kept a bake stand at the Downtown Farmers' Market in Des Moines.
Mast Bakery bake stand 1 & half in
Here we have perfected our baking craft through direct sales to a treasured community of customers. Year upon year our customers have been faithful to us and we have honored their loyalty by continually improving and expanding our offerings.

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Ours is a commitment to offer our customers the very best home-baked goods for a fair price.

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We love our community of customers and we wish to extend our honest and good works to customers beyond those who are able to visit us at the bake stand. While the future holds exciting possibilities for selling our pies, breads and jellies via the internet, we stay firmly committed to our bake stand roots and our wonderful customers who have helped us make a product we are proud to sell.

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Then, as now and as always, it is our goal to satisfy even the most demanding customer! Please come back again and again. Thank you for helping us to make a product we are proud to stand behind!