Our Other Specialties

Beyond our pies, bread and jelly we offer a host of other customer favorites. We make these items with the same time honed quality, natural ingredients, and attention to detail as our other products.Ingred in mixer for granola
Our homemade granola has been a popular favorite for many years, sweetened with local honey, and optional with raisins, this is gold in a bag and a sure fire way to start a great day!

Granola ECU Texture 1,5

Sunday is our day of rest and our time to catch up with our community of family and friends.
Unglaved sweet rolls 1
Nothing goes better with company than a fresh batch of our famous sweet rolls! Cinnamon rolls or pecan rolls, glazed to perfection, make any weekend extra special!

Girl galzing sweet rolls 1

Sweet rolls glazed 1,3

Additionally we also make cookies, brownies, whoopie pies, and angel food cakes.
Unglazed angel food cakes w: Brenda 1,3
Plain or glazed our angel food cakes are always light, fluffy and made by hand.

Angel food cake w- choco glaze 1

And for those who love to bake as much as we do we also offer five pound sacks of our custom ground flour!

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Sweet Rolls
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Angel Food Cakes
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Come visit our bake stand in Des Moines!